Following are instructions on how to use the Ezy Aussie Prawn Peeler:

Prawn Peeler Instructions step 1

Prawn Peeler Instructions – Step 1

First of all, use the flat end of the peeler to remove the head. The flat end of the peeler can be pushed through the flesh between the head and the body. You can then discard the head.

It is possible to leave the head attached. If you are cooking a recipe that suggests leaving the head on, just begin at step 2.

Prawn Peeler Instructions Step 2

Step 2

Next, push the pointed end of the peeler between the shell and the flesh where the head used to be. The point of the peeler should guide itself easily down the middle of the prawn’s back.

Prawn Peeler Instructions Step 3

Step 3

Push the point of the peeler right along the back of the prawn, just under the shell. If you wish to keep the tail on, only push the point up to the start of the last segment of shell.

Prawn Peeler Instructions Step 4

Step 4

As the shell opens up, pull the flesh down to remove it from the shell

Prawn Peeler Instructions Step 5

Step 5

As a result of removing the shell you will be able to see that the back of the prawn has been opened up. This will reveal the vein which can now be easily removed.

Prawn Peeler Instructions Step 6

Step 6

Finally, your shelled and de-veined prawn is ready to either cook or eat.

You can watch the prawn peeler in action by viewing video with demonstrator Troy Steel operating the prawn peeler.