About Ezy Aussie

Here are the Ezy Aussie facts about this Australian brand. The brand Ezy Aussie is owned by the company, Shiloh Plastics.  Shiloh Plastics is a family business based in Narangba Queensland. Its main purpose is to make plastic packaging.

Years ago, Shiloh Plastics had the chance to purchase the brand name Ezy Aussie. This included the rights to the Ezy Aussie Prawn Peeler.

We believe in Australian Manufacturing

As an Australian manufacturing business ourselves, the owners of the company are passionate about supporting other Australian businesses. As a result, the Ezy Aussie prawn peeler is also totally made and packed in Queensland.

The process used to manufacture the prawn peeler isn’t something that we do ourselves. Instead, we use an Australian manufacturer based on the Gold Coast to run our tooling for us.

Packaging is what we do. Therefore, the peeler is sent to our factory in Narangba for packing. Backing cards for the prawn peeler also come from an Australian printer.

Increasing our Range

In the future we have plans to increase this range. At the moment we have a second product that is still in the early stages. Hence, watch out for us to release information on this new product some time soon.